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Rules and tips for creating your own visuals > Know the fundamental rules of advertising graphics to use prefabricated solutions in order to obtain results worthy of a professional graphic designer. • You are Solo-preneurs, Liberal professions - Artists - Shopkeepers - Restaurateurs - Authors - Musicians - Influencers - Youtubers - Instagrammers - Bloggers - Vloggers - Artisans - Content producers - DJ - VJ - Photographers... • You want to learn how to do your promotion alone, because you prefer to do things by yourself or you cannot afford to employ an employee, a freelancer or a communication agency. # To start creating your own promotional tools, it's possible! "Do you know that today there are prefabricated digital solutions and that it is easier, faster and cheaper to learn how to use them, rather than learning the trade to create the equivalent or rather than paying a professional to do a custom project for you?" > To create your logo / an illustration > To create your flyers / posters > To create visuals for my social networks > To create a newsletter / e-mailings > To create your commercial brochure > To create your menus for bars / restaurants / lodges • I teach you the basics of graphic design, the rules to know and how to use the tools to be able to do things yourself.

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