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"AR" = Augmented Reality / Réalité augmentée

Services provided to the FORMULA:

Découvrez des infos pratiques dans le blog :

Bientôt !
Bientôt !
Bientôt !

Application examples:

-Business cardsin AR

- Flyers in AR.

- Augmented displays.

- Books, brochures, AR presentations.

- Covers of books, CDs, DVDs increased.

- Real estate visits or presentations of goods.

- Album and book (photos, creations, illustrations etc...)

- Increased CVs.

- Instructions for use.

- Labels (wine bottles...).

- Packaging.

- Games.

- Trading cards.

- Interactive tours.

- Content for people with reduced mobility.

Exemples d'application :

- Vitrines de magasin

- Véhicules

-Notice explicative

- Mode d'emploi

More specific offers are being created. Ask us for information.

A la carte services:

> Graphic design (fixed visuals, posters, logos, brochures, books, artworks...)

> Graphic animation (animated visuals, 2D, 3D, Stop-motion)

> Audiovisual creation (Web videos, advertisements, clips, live streaming, multi-stream recordings, etc.)

> Augmented reality and immersion (AR-360°)

> Interactive interface (games, plans, brochures, e-card, map / interactive plan...)

> Websites (showcase, e-commerce, social network...)

> Creation of content (games, books, films, places, events...)

For creations in AR (Augmented Reality)

As an option on quotation, we offer  :


> The creation of fixed 2D visuals

> Creation of 2D animations

> Creation of 3D objects

> Animation of 3D animations

> The creation of videos. (green background, video clips...)

> The creation of immersive 180° or 360° videos.

> The creation of interactivity (call to action (telephone call, sending emails, directing web links, etc.)


• to be used without downloading a webAR application.


Application examples:

- Business cards or flyers in AR.

- Instructions for use.

- Labels (wine bottles...).

- Packaging.

- Games.

- Trading cards.

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French company, based in the Aude between Narbonne and Carcassonne. The editor of "Augmented Memories".

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